25 Easy Christmas Dinner Ideas Sure to Impress

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Are you hosting Christmas Dinner this year? Looking for Christmas dinner ideas?

If so you definitely have to checkout these delicious recipes!

These easy Christmas dinner ideas will take your meal to the next level and make your Christmas dinner amazing.

Christmas eve dinners are very special.

I know you want to impress your guests and make it a memorable evening for everyone to remember.

Holiday dinners are to be spend with friends and family and make them feel special.

Expand your Christmas dinner table selections.

These Christmas main dish recipes go from traditional recipes to classic recipes.

Wow the crowd with these dishes. Pair with amazing side dishes while sipping on yummy drinks and end the night with delicious dessert.

I’ve collected and listed only the most popular and tried Christmas dinner ideas, and I am more than happy to share them with you in the spirit of the holiday.

Best Christmas Dinner Ideas

1. Brown Sugar Honey Glazed Pork Loin

This pork loin is juicy on the inside and crusty on the outside.

Roasted together with carrots and sweet potatoes. It is an excellent choice for a Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner-pork loin

Get recipe on What’s in the pan

2. Lemon Chicken Recipe

This parmesan-crusted Lemon Chicken Recipe is easy and done in 30 minutes!

The quick lemon butter sauce pairs so well with the chicken.

Christmas dinner-lemon chicken

Get recipe on Natasha’s Kitchen

3. Easy Oven-Baked Ribs

This is one of the easiest recipes ever. Cooked low and slow, which makes them so flavorful and fall off the bone tender.

Christmas dinner-bbq ribs

Get recipe on Butter your biscuit

4. Beer Braised Lamb Shanks

The absolute best mouthwatering slow cooked lamb recipe! These fall of the bone lamb shanks are slowly simmered with fresh rosemary and garlic.

Such a classic family favorite dinner!

Christmas dinner-short ribs

Get recipe on What’s in the pan

5. Roasted Chicken with Butter & Herbs

This roasted chicken is coated in a garlic and herb butter, then cooked to golden brown perfection.

It is tender and juicy and it comes out perfect every time!

whole herb roasted chicken

Get recipe on Dear Mica

6. Braised Lamb Shanks

Tender, fall off the bone Lamb Shanks braised in a deliciously rich sauce is your new family dinner recipe!

Includes 4 cooking methods: oven, stove, slow cooker or Instant pot.

The meat just slides off the bone!

Christmas dinner-braised short ribs

Get recipe on Cafe Delites

7. Herb Butter Maple Roasted Turkey

Incredible maple roasted turkey made with a savory herb butter and plenty of sweet pure maple syrup flavor.

This whole turkey recipe is perfect for your Holiday table and easy to make thanks to this step-by-step guide on how to cook a turkey!

Christmas dinner-roast turkey

Get recipe on Ambitious kitchen

8. Honey Mustard Prime Rib Roast

This beautiful and succulent dish will set you up for success this holiday season!

Christmas dinner-roast

Get recipe on Vikalinka

9. Cilantro-Lime Chicken Thighs and Potatoes

Baked in the oven in a flavorful sauce made with olive oil, garlic, cilantro and freshly squeezed lime juice!

Perfect recipe for bone-in skin-on chicken thighs.

Christmas dinner-lemon lime chicken

Get recipe on Julian’s album

10. Apricot Honey Ham

A roasted bone-in ham topped with a sweet homemade glaze made with apricot preserves that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Christmas dinner-apricot glazed ham

Get recipe on I am homesteader

11. Meatloaf Recipe

So tender and juicy on the inside with a sweet and tangy glaze that adds so much flavor to the meatloaf.

Christmas dinner-meatloaf

Get recipe on Natasha’s kitchen

12. Pan Seared Steak

The perfect juicy and tender steak.

Christmas dinner-steak

Get recipe on A family feast

13. Roasted Whole Chicken & Vegetables

This recipe is the perfect family dinner. The whole chicken is filled with aromatics, roasted in the oven, and will leave you with tender juice meat, and crisp skin.

The juices released from the roasted whole chicken, gives you caramelized roasted vegetables and a beautiful pan sauce.

This roast chicken recipe is easy, full of flavor, and your new dinner go-to.

Christmas dinner-roast chicken with potatoes

Get recipe on Girl with the iron cast

14. Chicken Cordon Bleu

This skillet adaptation cuts out many of the steps and reduces cook time, plus it includes a rich and flavorful dijon sauce that just makes this dish shine!

Christmas dinner-chicken cordon bleu

Get recipe on Cooking Classy

15. Butter Garlic Steak with Potatoes & Asparagus

Meet the equally simple and sexy date night meal that will change the way you tackle romantic dinners forever. The key?

A high heat sear on the steak followed by lots of basting with garlicky herb butter to finish off the cooking process.

Christmas dinner-steak and potatoes

Get recipe on Host the toast

16. Baked Dry Rub Chicken

I promise that your family and friends will ask you to make this Dry Rub Chicken again and again.

Christmas dinner-paprika chicken

Get recipe on The works of life

17. Duck Breast with Cranberry Sauce

Duck Breast with Cranberry sauce will make a perfect main dish for any special night, anniversary celebration, or holidays, especially Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Christmas dinner-pork loin with cramberries

Get recipe on Julia’s album

18. Garlic Butter Juicy Pork Chops

This pork chops buttered with garlic are so tasty because of incredible butter sauce.

You will amaze your guests and they will enjoy this delicious pork chop with butter garlic flavor

Christmas dinner-pork chops

Get recipe on Cooking frog

19. Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil)

Perfectly seasoned and entirely delicious, this crispy roasted pork shoulder is perfect to eat with everything:

Rice, potatoes, tostones, on a sandwich and tortillas for awesome tacos.

Easy to make, this pernil is slow cooked in a crockpot before roasting for the most tender, tasty and effortless shredded pork.

Christmas dinner-pork shoulder

Get recipe on Smart little cookie

20. Baked Salmon with Parmesan Herb Crust

This oven baked salmon with a Parmesan herb crust is out of this world delicious!

Christmas dinner-baked salmon

Get recipe on Add a pinch

21. Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin with Roasted Apples

Delicious dish, juicy and tender. Besides being incredibly tasty, the finished dish is captivatingly beautiful to gaze upon.

Christmas dinner-pork loin roasted with apples

Get recipe on Art de fete

22. Orange Cranberry Roast Pork Tenderloin

Such a flavorful and easy meal. The cranberry orange glaze is perfect on top of the pork and green beans.

Christmas dinner-roast turkey with cramberry pecans

Get recipe on The recipe critic

23. Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze

Baked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze made with brown sugar, orange juice, honey, and spices is the perfect sweet and savory holiday dinner, and bakes in only 90 minutes!

Get recipe on Dinner then dessert

24. Cranberry & Apple Stuffed Turkey Breast

Elegant yet tasty and scrumptious holiday dinner dish.

Christmas dinner-cranberry apple stuffed turkey

Get recipe on Paleo leap

25. Herb Roasted Turkey

The easiest holiday meal! A sheet pan turkey dinner! So easy with less dishes!

Christmas dinner-herb roasted turkey

Get recipe on Damn delicious

26. Pan Seared Steak

This Pan Seared Ribeye Steak with Herb Butter is incredibly juicy, tender, and delicious.

pan seared rib eye steak

Get recipe on Dear Mica

More Christmas Recipes

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Christmas dinner ideas
Christmas Dinner Ideas

More Delicious Recipes

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