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List of positive affirmations

Top List Of Positive Affirmations

It is good practice to have a list of positive affirmations at hand. I have a vision board where I keep self affirmation list, positive affirmation list, mindset affirmations, growth…

food for emergencies

How To Stock on Food For an Emergency

It is good to be prepared with a 2 week food supply list for any emergency situation. Rainy days happen. For example: job loss, natural emergencies, medical hardship, financial hardships,…



Hi, Friends!

I love sharing my experience in the kitchen as well as my financial knowledge with friends and family.

I will share all I know and what has worked for me in my journey. I hope this site inspires you to be the best self you can be!

Who am I?


62 Best Sexy Quotes of ALL Times

Best sexy quotes of all time Sexy Quotes! Spice up your relationship with these sexy quotes or simply make that someone in your life feel special. You can choose to…

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