25 Delicious Pumpkin Seed Recipes You Need to Try

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Pumpkin seed recipes are a must-try this fall, offering a delightful blend of flavor and nutrition.

As the leaves turn and the air becomes crisp, it’s the perfect time to embrace these versatile seeds in your cooking.

From sweet treats to savory snacks, these 25 delicious pumpkin seed recipes will inspire you to make the most of this seasonal delight.

Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes, comforting fall dishes, or creative ways to use leftover pumpkins, these recipes have something for everyone.

A bowl of vibrant yellow pumpkin hummus garnished with sesame seeds, paprika, fresh herbs, and pine nuts. The hummus is served with grilled flatbread pieces, creating a flavorful and creamy fall appetizer.

Best Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Let’s dive into the world of pumpkin seeds and discover some new favorites!

1. Roasted Pumpkin Seed Hummus

A rustic wooden table featuring a black bowl filled with a creamy pumpkin seed dip, garnished with fresh herbs and whole pumpkin seeds. To the side, there's a stack of freshly baked flatbreads and a glass jar of olive oil, creating a cozy fall recipe scene.

Roasted pumpkin seed hummus is a delicious twist on a classic dip. The nutty flavor of the pumpkin seeds (aka pepitas) adds a delightful crunch and depth to the creamy hummus.

Perfect for a healthy snack or appetizer.

2. Pumpkin Seed Granola

A glass jar tipped over, spilling out a mix of homemade granola onto a gray surface. The granola is a golden-brown color, filled with oats, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and dried cranberries, highlighting a perfect snack or breakfast idea for fall recipes.

Pumpkin seed granola is a crunchy and nutritious addition to your breakfast routine.

Packed with healthy seeds and nuts, this granola is perfect for sprinkling over yogurt or enjoying with milk for a healthy start to your day.

3. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

A round oatmeal cookie packed with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, leaning against a glass bottle of milk with a pink straw, offering a wholesome and delicious fall treat.

Start your morning with pumpkin breakfast cookies, a nutritious and delicious option.

Made with pumpkin seeds, oats, and a hint of sweetness, these cookies are perfect for busy mornings and make great pumpkin seed snacks.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds

A close-up of roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with spices, spread out on a baking sheet. The seeds are golden brown and crispy, making for a perfect fall snack.

Sweet and spicy pumpkin seeds coated in cinnamon and sugar make for an irresistible fall snack.

These baked seed recipes are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while providing a healthy crunch.

5. Strawberry-Peach Crisp with Hazelnut-Pepita Crumble

Two white plates holding servings of strawberry crumble with a crumbly topping and fresh strawberries, set on a marble surface. The scene is complemented with a bunch of strawberries and a bright orange napkin, perfect for fall recipes.

Combine the flavors of fall with a strawberry-peach crisp topped with a hazelnut-pepita crumble.

This comforting recipe showcases the versatility of pumpkin seeds in both sweet and savory dishes.

6. Pumpkin Pie Pepitas

A white square bowl filled with seasoned roasted pumpkin seeds on a green cloth. A few seeds are scattered around the bowl, highlighting a savory and crunchy fall snack.

Pumpkin pie pepitas are a fun and festive treat. Coated in warm spices and baked to perfection, these pepitas capture the essence of fall’s best recipes and make for a delightful snack.

7. Pumpkin Seed Crackers

A ceramic bowl filled with crisp, seeded crackers, stacked neatly. The crackers are a mix of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other grains, providing a healthy and crunchy snack option for fall recipes.

Pumpkin seed crackers are a healthy and crunchy snack that’s perfect for any occasion. Pair them with your favorite dips or enjoy them on their own for a satisfying bite.

8. Mini Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Candy Peanut Butter Cups

A spoon dripping melted chocolate over mini cupcake liners filled with pumpkin seeds and nuts, creating a decadent and sweet fall treat.

Indulge in mini chocolate pumpkin seed candy peanut butter cups.

These bite-sized treats combine the rich flavors of chocolate and peanut butter with the crunch of pumpkin seeds for a decadent dessert.

9. Pumpkin Oat Muffins

A batch of freshly baked pumpkin muffins topped with rolled oats and pumpkin seeds, displayed on a cloth. One muffin is placed in the foreground, showcasing its golden-brown color and moist texture, perfect for fall recipes.

Pumpkin oat muffins are a wholesome and delicious way to start your day. Packed with the goodness of pumpkin and oats, these muffins are a great way to enjoy fall recipes.

10. Healthy Pumpkin Bread

A loaf of pumpkin bread topped generously with pumpkin seeds, set in a white baking dish. The bread is a rich, golden brown, highlighting a delicious fall treat.

Healthy pumpkin bread is a must-try for fall. This moist and flavorful bread is made with pumpkin seeds, whole grains, and natural sweeteners for a nutritious twist on a classic recipe.

11. Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Snack Bars

Homemade nut and seed bars filled with almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries, arranged on a gray surface. These bars make a nutritious and delicious snack perfect for fall recipes.

Pumpkin seed cranberry snack bars are a portable and tasty option for busy days.

These bars combine the tartness of cranberries with the crunch of pumpkin seeds for a perfect on-the-go snack.

12. Perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

hree bowls filled with roasted pumpkin seeds, each seasoned differently, arranged on an ornate brass tray. The seeds are golden and crisp, providing a savory fall snack.

Perfect roasted pumpkin seeds are a classic fall treat. Seasoned with your favorite spices and baked to a crisp, these seeds are a simple and delicious way to enjoy leftover pumpkins.

13. Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Butter

A jar of creamy homemade pumpkin seed butter, its smooth texture visible at the top. The jar is set on a white wooden surface, with a few pumpkin seeds scattered around, highlighting a nutritious and versatile fall recipe.

Sunflower pumpkin seed butter is a creamy and nutritious spread that’s perfect for toast, smoothies, or as a dip.

This healthy recipe combines the flavors of sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a unique and tasty treat.

14. Maple Sriracha Roasted Pepitas

A white bowl filled with roasted pumpkin seeds, seasoned and crispy. The seeds are golden brown, making a delicious and healthy fall snack.

Maple sriracha roasted pepitas are a sweet and spicy snack that’s hard to resist. The combination of maple syrup and sriracha sauce adds a flavorful kick to these roasted seeds.

15. Roasted Pumpkin Seed & Sage Butternut Squash

A close-up of roasted butternut squash cubes garnished with fresh sage and pumpkin seeds. The dish is vibrant with warm orange hues and a touch of green, perfect for a fall recipe.

Roasted pumpkin seed and sage butternut squash is a savory and satisfying side dish.

The earthy flavors of sage and the crunch of pumpkin seeds complement the sweetness of roasted butternut squash perfectly.

16. Pumpkin Seed Salmon with Maple-Spice Carrots

A plate featuring a baked salmon fillet topped with a crunchy pumpkin seed and oat crust, served with glazed carrots and scattered pumpkin seeds. The dish is a hearty and healthy fall meal.

Pumpkin seed salmon with maple-spice carrots is a healthy and elegant meal.

The nutty crust on the salmon pairs beautifully with the sweet and spicy roasted carrots, making it one of the best pumpkin recipes for dinner.

17. Pumpkin Hummus

A bowl of creamy pumpkin hummus garnished with pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs, and spices. The bowl is served with pieces of flatbread on the side, making for a delicious fall appetizer.

Pumpkin hummus is a creamy and flavorful dip that’s perfect for fall.

The addition of pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds makes this hummus a seasonal favorite and a great way to use leftover pumpkins.

18. Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

A vibrant salad made with roasted butternut squash cubes, fresh arugula leaves, and pumpkin seeds, all seasoned and dressed on a white plate. The salad is a colorful and healthy option for fall recipes.

Roasted butternut squash salad with pumpkin seeds is a vibrant and healthy recipe. The combination of roasted squash, fresh greens, and crunchy seeds creates a delicious and nutritious dish.

19. Spicy Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds

A white dish filled with roasted pumpkin seeds, seasoned and crispy, set on a rustic wooden table. Nearby, there are red chili peppers, a bowl of spices, and a pumpkin, creating a warm fall ambiance.

Spicy sriracha pumpkin seeds are a bold and flavorful snack.

The heat from the sriracha sauce pairs perfectly with the crunch of the pumpkin seeds, making these healthy seeds a favorite for spice lovers.

20. Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Granola

Three white mugs filled with homemade granola, featuring oats, dried fruits, and pumpkin seeds. A small plate with two spoons lies beside them on a rustic wooden table, making for a cozy fall breakfast.

Pumpkin seed cranberry granola is a delicious and nutritious way to start your day.

This granola combines the tartness of cranberries with the crunch of pumpkin seeds for a perfect breakfast or snack.

21. Garlic Parmesan Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

A metal scoop filled with roasted pumpkin seeds resting on a bed of more seeds. The seeds are golden brown and crispy, creating a delicious and crunchy fall snack.

Garlic parmesan roasted pumpkin seeds are a savory and irresistible treat. The combination of garlic and parmesan cheese makes these roasted seeds a flavorful and healthy snack.

22. Pumpkin Pie Snack Bites

A white bowl filled with round energy bites made from pumpkin seeds, oats, and other wholesome ingredients. Loose pumpkin seeds are scattered around the bowl, highlighting a healthy fall snack.

Pumpkin pie snack bites are a portable and delicious way to enjoy the flavors of fall.

These bite-sized treats are made with pumpkin puree, spices, and pumpkin seeds for a tasty and healthy recipe.

23. Vegan Muffins with Zucchini

A plate filled with freshly baked muffins topped with seeds, including pumpkin seeds. A white cloth and muffin tin are placed beside the plate on a rustic surface, highlighting a wholesome fall recipe.

Vegan muffins with zucchini and pumpkin seeds are a nutritious and delicious option for breakfast or a snack. These muffins are moist, flavorful, and packed with healthy ingredients.

24. Fruit and Grain Pumpkin Bread

A loaf of homemade bread with cranberries and pumpkin seeds, sliced to reveal a moist and textured interior. The loaf is set on a wooden board with a blue and white checkered cloth, showcasing a delicious fall recipe.

Fruit and grain pumpkin bread is a wholesome and hearty recipe. This bread combines the flavors of dried fruits, whole grains, and pumpkin seeds for a nutritious and satisfying treat.

25. Pumpkin Biscoff Truffles

A plate of festive truffles coated in white chocolate and decorated with red, green, and white sprinkles. One truffle is cut open to reveal a creamy interior, perfect for holiday treats and fall recipes.

Pumpkin Biscoff truffles are a decadent and delicious dessert. These truffles combine the rich flavors of pumpkin and Biscoff cookies with the crunch of pumpkin seeds for a sweet and satisfying treat.

These pumpkin seed recipes are perfect for fall and beyond. Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks, comfort recipes, or creative ways to use leftover pumpkins, these dishes are sure to delight.

Enjoy the best pumpkin recipes and share the joy of these delicious and nutritious treats!

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