15 Must-Try Feijoa Recipes this Summer

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Feijoa recipes, with their unique blend of sweet, tart, and aromatic flavors, have become a versatile ingredient in many kitchens around the world.

If you’re looking to spice up your culinary repertoire, here are fourteen delicious feijoa recipes that will excite your palate and impress your guests.

What is Feijoa?

Feijoa, also known as pineapple guava, is a small, green fruit native to South America but now grown in various parts of the world, including California and New Zealand. It has a unique flavor that combines the taste of pineapple, guava, and strawberry, with a slightly tart finish.

The fruit’s aromatic flesh is creamy white and encased in a thin, edible peel. Feijoas can be eaten raw, scooped out with a spoon, or used in a variety of culinary dishes from savory to sweet due to their distinct, aromatic flavor.

Feijoas in a bowl

1. Sticky Pork Ribs with Feijoa Marinade

Sticky pork ribs glazed in a rich, feijoa sauce, artfully plated with sauce drizzles on parchment paper, showcasing a shiny, caramelized exterior.

Transform your pork ribs with a tangy twist! This feijoa marinade infuses the ribs with a sweet and sour flavor that’s truly irresistible. Perfect for a weekend BBQ, these ribs are sure to be a hit.

2. Feijoa Chutney

Homemade feijoa chutney in glass jars with checkered yellow and green ribbons, beside a bowl of fresh feijoas and parchment paper, ready for gifting or serving.

This feijoa chutney recipe is a fantastic way to preserve the unique taste of feijoas. Pair it with cheese, crackers, or cold meats to add a zesty touch to your appetizers.

3. Feijoa and Apple Crumble

A serving of feijoa crumble in a white bowl, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, garnished with a mint leaf, highlighting the gooey fruit filling.

A comforting dessert, the feijoa and apple crumble is a delightful twist on the classic. The feijoas add a complex flavor that complements the sweetness of the apples beautifully.

4. Salad with Grilled Chicken and Feijoa Dressing

A fresh, vibrant salad featuring grilled chicken slices, chunks of mango and avocado, atop a bed of crisp greens on a decorative blue plate

Elevate your salad game with this grilled chicken masterpiece topped with a refreshing feijoa dressing. It’s light, healthy, and bursting with flavor.

5. Mini Feijoa Pies with Puff Pastry

A golden-brown, flaky pastry with layers visible in the cross-section, filled with soft, caramelized feijoa slices, on a dark plate with a vintage spoon.

These adorable mini pies are a perfect party treat. The puff pastry provides a flaky crust that pairs wonderfully with the sweet feijoa filling.

6. Roasted Feijoa Salad with Streaky Bacon

Artfully plated salad with roasted feijoas, streaky bacon, fresh mozzarella balls, and pear slices on a bed of arugula, served on a textured gray plate.

Combine roasted feijoas with crisp streaky bacon for a salad that serves up a satisfying mix of sweet and savory. It’s a great side dish or a light meal on its own.

7. Instant Feijoa Ice Cream

Homemade feijoa ice cream in a metal loaf pan, with a scoop taken out, displaying a pale green color indicative of the fruit's inclusion.

No ice cream maker? No problem! This instant feijoa ice cream can be made in a blender and offers a quick, creamy treat that’s both refreshing and indulgent.

8. Coconut Feijoa Cake From Shirley

A moist, freshly baked cake with a creamy white glaze on top, with a bowl of whole feijoas in the background, suggesting a key ingredient.

Thanks to Shirley’s recipe, enjoy a moist and tropical-flavored cake that blends the exotic taste of feijoas with the rich, creamy texture of coconut.

9. Feijoa & Banana Loaf

An overhead view of a feijoa and banana loaf on a wooden board, sliced to reveal the moist interior, topped with slivered almonds, next to a vintage cup of tea.

Perfect for breakfast or as a snack, this feijoa and banana loaf is moist, flavorful, and packed with goodness. It’s a great way to use up overripe feijoas and bananas.

10. Classic Feijoa Crumble

A scoop of feijoa ice cream atop a crumbly feijoa crumble dessert in a ceramic bowl, with whole feijoas and a spoon beside it.

Revisit this classic dessert with a feijoa twist. The crumble topping adds a delightful crunch that perfectly contrasts the soft fruit beneath.

11. Smoked Fish & Feijoa Salad

A bowl of fresh feijoa salad with a mix of smoked fish, avocado slices, and herbs, presented on a bamboo mat with a fork on the side

For something truly unique, try this smoked fish and feijoa salad. The smoky flavor of the fish pairs wonderfully with the fresh, zesty taste of feijoa.

12. Feijoa Muffins

A golden-baked feijoa muffin in a white paper cupcake liner, with a crumbly texture visible on the top, accompanied by feijoa leaves to the side.

These feijoa muffins are a treat any time of the day. Light, fluffy, and dotted with feijoa pieces, they’re perfect for a quick breakfast or a snack on the go.

13. Spiced Feijoa Shortcake

Stacked feijoa shortcake bars on parchment paper, showing layers of feijoa fruit filling, with a feijoa cut in half in the backdrop.

Add a little spice to your baking with this spiced feijoa shortcake. The spices enhance the natural sweetness of the feijoas, making a dessert that’s both warm and comforting.

14. Feijoa Crumble

Another take on the classic crumble, this recipe focuses on feijoas alone, allowing their unique flavor to shine through, complemented by the texture of the crumbly topping.

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