How to Save Money on Electricity: Helpful Tips!

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How to Save Money on Electricity

Have you been trying to save money on your utility bill? Have you been wondering how to save money on electricity? You are probably frustrated every single time you see your electric bill. You are probably asking yourself the same question I asked myself for years.

What can I do to save money on my electricity?

Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bill

Why is my electric bill so high?

Trust me you are not alone in trying to reduce your energy usage.

The American household average monthly electrical bill in 2017, according to U.S. Energy Information administration was $112.59

Every single time I saw my energy bill I will rant about how high it was.

Without taking any action to lower my electric bill.

Reduce electricity bill

One day I was staring at my utility bill and asking myself how the bleep can I lower this monster of a bill.

Literally, I was bleeding my precious money away.

Then after much thinking and researching, I felt there was still hope.

I felt empowered and told myself:

I am not powerlessI can take steps to reduce my bill without having to spend any extra money while implementing it.


And that’s when it all began. I started making little changes here and there.

A few things worked while others didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

Therefore, I kept a very close eye on my bill every month.

I wanted to see if the changes I was making had an impact or not on reducing my energy consumption.

In a nutshell, it was my trial an error experiment.

Until I started to see my bill get lower and lower.

That was my AHA moment… this is the sweet spot.

If you are trying to lower your electrical bill I have compiled a list of helpful tips for you.

They are very simple to implement.

See which ones work for you and put them to work.

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17 Ways to Reduce Your Electrical Bill

1. Energy Efficiency Bulbs:

To help reduce your electrical bill use Energy efficient bulbs such as LED and CFL instead of traditional incandescent bulbs.

My electrical bill was reduced by quite a bit after I replaced my bulbs with LED ones.

The cost a bit more then traditional regular bulbs but they last longer and will save you more electricity.

2. Air Conditioners:

Clean or exchange filters and make sure the Freon levels are sufficient.

Try to use ventilators or ceiling fans whenever possible.

3. Vents:

Close vents in rooms with no traffic or little use.

4. Fans:

Use fans whenever possible instead of air conditioners.

5. Thermostat:

This is the biggest energy user for most households.

Set it to the highest temperature you are comfortable during the summer months.

Also, lower the temperature during winter months.

6. Window Shades and Blinds:

Use window shades to let light in during winter days to heat up your house and to deflect light during the hot summer months.

You would be surprised how much cooler during summer months this makes your home.

Just by doing this you will see a decrease in your electric bill.

7. Dishwasher:

Run full loads only. Also, use the “Air Dry” option. Similarly, wash dishes by hand when possible. Specially if you just have a few items.

8. Washers:

Wash your clothes with cold water instead. Also run full loads.

9. Driers:

reduce electric bill

Air dry your clothes. Drying machines are energy vampires.

10. Energy Star Appliances:

When it is time to replace your old appliances make sure to buy Energy Star Appliances only.

11. Keep Your Refrigerator FULL:

By keeping it full it decreases the amount of time the fridge runs.

12. Turn Off lights:

Make sure to turn off lights in areas you are not using.

13. Dimmer Switches:

Install dimmer switches to save power.

14. Laptops and Tablets:

Go to your neighborhood coffee shop, hang out there while charging your devices.

Save money on electricity

15. Blow Dryer:

These are energy suckers. Air or towel dry your hair whenever possible. Besides, the heat really damages your hair anyways.

16. Motion Detectors:

For outside lights use motion detectors, that way your lights are not on all the time.

17. Stove Oven:

Don’t use the oven during the summer. Grill instead and keep your house cool.

Another alternative that will save you money on your electrical bill is using a toaster oven instead or just a toaster if you just want to toast bread.

18. Night Lights:

Replace with LED lights. I noticed a big savings on my electrical bill.

These tips would help you reduce your electrical bill and save tons of money. Not only during the summer months but also all year round.

How to save money on electricity

Which tips are you using to reduce down your electrical bill?

Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear from you and see which methods you are using to reduce your bill. I would love to implement some of your ideas.

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