55 Powerful Weight Loss Affirmations

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Every day, read a list of powerful daily affirmations weight loss affirmations are particularly helpful.

It is our repeated thoughts that become our reality.

By reading these affirmations everyday you will start thinking of yourself as being healthy and energetic, which in turn starts affecting your actions making you into a healthy weight loss warrior!

Positive affirmations for weight loss

Weight loss affirmations DO work!

My friends often ask me, do weight loss affirmations really work? and each time I tell them ‘YES’ as long as you believe in them and repeat them with certainty and faith.

Losing weight is a mindset. Experts always say the keys to weight loss is diet and exercise.

While this is true, mindset plays a huge role in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss affirmations are a powerful way to create your ideal life. These affirmation for weight loss can help you reach your goals by creating the intentions and behaviors that will help you finally lose the weight for good.

Here is a list of 55 positive body affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short and powerful statements that are repeated frequently. When these positive statements are said often, they transform into thoughts. Everything we say and think are affirmations.

Do affirmations for weight loss work?

The use of affirmations for weight loss does work. By repeating them frequently you start creating a positive mindset. They work by boosting your self confidence and belief to achieve your end goal.

1. I can reach my weight loss goals.

2. I give myself “me time” on a regular basis and focus on being well.

3. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, I will achieve my goals this time.

4. Age has nothing to do with it, I can do it.

5. I can release this weight.

6. I am changing my lifestyle to improve my health.

7. I choose to exercise.

8. I am getting slimmer every day.

9. I am falling in love with my new body

10. I want to eat foods that make me look and feel good.

11. I enjoy finding more ways to get more and more active.

12. I love moving my body and getting active now.

13. I am my own creator.

14. I am the One and I am the All.

15. I deserve to have a healthy and fit body.

16. I am listening to what my body needs from me.

17. I am grateful to have a body capable of exercising.

18. I am completely focused on losing weight.

Weight Loss Affirmations

positive body affirmations, weight loss affirmations

19. I listen to what my body needs with love.

20. I am fast approaching my ideal weight.

21. I am weight loss success story.

22. I love and accept myself now

23. Every day I move closer to my ideal weight

24. I look and feel great.

25. Every day I become more and more mindful of what I put into my body.

26. Is becoming easier to lose weight

27. I do what it takes to be healthy.

28. I am in the process of developing an attractive body

29. I am grateful for the strength and health of my body.

30. I happily redefined success.

31. I can see the new me at my goal weight.

32. It’s easy to find time to exercise.

33. I am kind to myself during this process.

34. I am responsible for my health.

35. I love my body.

36. It is safe for me to lose weight.

37. I am patient with creating my better body.

Healthy Body Affirmations

Positive Affirmation for Weight Loss

38. I picture myself at my goal weight

39. My body is fit and strong.

40. I am happy that my clothes are starting to fit me again.

41. I am getting my body in great shape.

42. My mind is calm and at peace.

43. I am working for progress not perfection.

44. I am creating a healthy and strong immune system.

45. My mind and body are healthy and vibrant.

46. I maintaining my body with optimal health.

Positive Affirmations For Losing Weight

47. I see a thinner me when I look in the mirror.

48. My body radiate confidence, joy, and health.

49. I nourish my mind, body, and soul everyday.

50. I choose health and wellbeing because I’m worth it.

51. I no longer need extra weight to protect me.

52. Body, if you can love me for who I am, I promise to love you for who you are.

53. I deserve to have a lean, healthy, and attractive body.

54. I deserve to be slim, healthy, and beautiful.

55. I believe in my ability to lose weight and keep it off.

In Conclusion

A few things I would like you to think about.

I want to encourage you to create your own affirmations. Create some self confidence positive affirmations, and positive affirmations to boost self esteem.

Find inspiration with this weight loss affirmations.

Take time to see how you think about your body.

Think about your relationship with food. The way you think about healthy eating.

Stay in a positive mind frame think about the time it will take you to lose weight.

And finally, be kind to yourself. Share you weight loss success.

Healthy Body Affirmations, positive affirmations for weight loss

Positive affirmations for weight loss

These weight loss affirmations will help you inspire your journey towards losing weight. I hope these 55 weight loss affirmations came in handy. Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

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