Christmas Gift Ideas to Try This Year

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Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends? You have come to the right place.

There are different Christmas gift ideas that you can choose from. Selecting the best one can be tricky, but it will make your friends happy.

There are many gift options available for a great price, and you can always find a gift for your friend without going broke.

Some of these gifts ideas work as a birthday gift as well if your friend’s birthday is around Christmas time.

These affordable gift ideas would also make great stocking stuffers .

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that will show how much you care about your friends during this holiday season:

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

1- Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalize a holiday ornament that you can give to your friends.  

They will surely appreciate it because it shows them how much effort you have put into giving a thoughtful gift to them.  


2- Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for a friend.

You can personalize a necklace, bracelet or a ring for your friend and make it more meaningful by adding their name on it.

It shows how much you care about the person and that they mean a lot to you.  

A Book Of Your Choice

3- A Book Of Your Choice

A book can be used as a great Christmas gift idea.  

Your friend will love the thought behind this gift from you because it is something they would most likely enjoy reading.

If you want to get them an inspirational book, then that would show that you care about what’s going on in their life and how they are feeling at the moment.  

Christmas gift ideas for friends

4-Gift Cards (as an Add-on)

Gift cards are always a great way to show you care.  

You can get them something that they would love if you know what kind of things interest them or if it is for their favorite store, restaurant or coffee shop.  

If your friend lives in another state, then make sure to get the card delivered well in advance because it takes time for everything to arrive after shipping even when using express delivery services like Fedex.

Fresh Flowers

5-Fresh Flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers is an excellent addition to any gift.  

It offers effortless beauty and elegance to any room while also bringing cheerfulness and happiness everywhere these lovely flowers go.   

It will surely be appreciated by anyone who receives this gift.  

A Personalized Handmade Mug

6- A Personalized Handmade Mug

A handmade mug with a personal touch is also an excellent gift idea.  

It will surely make your friend feel more special and it shows how much effort you put into finding the perfect gift for him or her.  

A Handmade Journal/Diary

7- A Handmade Journal/Diary

Handmade journals and diaries are very thoughtful gifts to give someone.  

Your friend will definitely appreciate this even if he or she already has one, because these personalized gifts show that you actually care about them and want to get something that they will enjoy using quite often.  

You can add charms and decorate these homemade gifts as well so that they look more appealing and charming.

A Special Painting Or Piece Of Art

8- A Special Painting Or Piece Of Art

If your friend enjoys art or has an interest in art, then getting him or her a painting would be the perfect gift idea for them.  

You can have specific details added to it so that its special for your friend.  

It will show how much you care about their interests and likes.  

A Personalized Throw Blanket

9- A Personalized Throw Blanket

A personalized throw blanket may sound like a weird gift idea for Christmas, but it is actually an excellent present to cherish and enjoy.  

It shows how much you care about your friend and their likes and dislikes.  

A Yearly Subscription To A Magazine

10- A Yearly Subscription To A Magazine

Your friend will truly appreciate this gift idea because they can get their hands on something that they would love for an entire year.  

You can choose which magazine you would like to gift your friend based on what they enjoy reading most.  

Coloring Books And Colored Pencils

11- Coloring Books And Colored Pencils/Pens For Adults

Everyone loves coloring, just not as children anymore unfortunately!   

This is why it’s a great gift  idea for an adult.  It will be useful and fun at the same time, which is great for adults who don’t get to do something like this often.  

Personalized Coasters

12- Personalized Coasters Of Your Friends’ Names/ Initials On Them

This is a classic fashion trend that never goes out of style because it’s simple yet elegant and functional as well!  

A set of personalized coasters are great for protecting surfaces from hot or cold drinks.   

You can have these gifts personalized with your friend’s initials, their name, or even both!  

Your friend will appreciate this thought put behind the gift and they can use it to decorate their home as well.  

A Personalized Photo Album

13- A Personalized Photo Album With Pictures Of Friends And Memories Together

Photo albums are great ways to store memories and show them off to others.   

This gift idea can be customized and personalized with pictures of your friend and yourself together, or it could feature special moments you’ve experienced together.  

Friends are often there to catch all the fun memories in life so it’s nice if they have these images stored somewhere so that they can look at them whenever they want.   

A Spa Day Gift Basket

14- A Spa Day Gift Basket  (For Him Or Her)

This is a great gift idea for a friend who’s stressed out and in need of some relaxation.  

You can fill the basket with soothing foods like chocolate, fruits, M&M’s, cookies, clothes like socks or sweatshirts that are comfy and cozy to relax in.  

You can also include items like bath bombs or candles to make the spa day even more enjoyable.  

A Nice Bottle Of Wine

15- A Nice Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine is one of those classic gifts people give any time of the year because it always makes sense!   

It shows how much you care about your friends without being too overly sentimental or cutesy.  

It’s special and useful as well, which makes it an excellent present to give someone who you care about deeply.


16- Potpourri/Candles With A Warm Scent

This is an excellent gift idea for all the friends in your life because not only does it smell good but it looks cute as well as long as you decorate it nicely.    

You can choose any scent that they will enjoy most, and you can even add a special touch by making it personalized with their initials or name on them.   

Coffee Subscription To Their Favorite Brand

17- Coffee Subscription To Their Favorite Brand   

This is very similar to the coffee membership idea, but it’s slightly different because you get your friend a subscription on their favorite brand.  

Your friend will be able to enjoy their favorite kind of coffee each month without having to worry about running out or not finding it in the store.   

Movie Theater Gift Cards

19- Movie Theater Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with movie theater gift cards because they are so versatile and easy-to-use!   

This means that your friend can watch any movie they want during the time period that is allowed for them using this specific card.  

These cards are usually good for one year, which gives your friends plenty of time to use it.  

20- Gift Cards For Their Favorite Store   

This is another great gift idea for friends who love shopping.

You can either get them a brand new, unused physical card or you can opt to get one of the current ones they have and just reload it with more money on it.  

They’ll love that their favorite store cares enough to give them an extra $20 or $50 in spending cash!!

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Christmas Gift Ideas to Try This Year

The best Christmas gifts are those that show how much you care about your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas gift ideas for friends.

Please be sure to check out the many other wonderful articles on this site.  

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