Easy Christmas Gift Baskets Ideas DIY

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The Christmas season is a time for giving, and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than by sending them a gift basket filled with all their favorite things?

Not only are gift baskets festive and fun to receive, they also make for easy gift-giving as you can customize the basket to fit the recipient’s unique tastes and preferences.

This year, give the gift of deliciousness with a Christmas gift basket filled with seasonal goodies like peppermint bark, eggnog truffles, gingerbread cookies, and hot cocoa mix.

Or, put together a pampering basket complete with scented candles, luxurious bath products, cozy socks, and a fluffy throw blanket.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas, look no further!

I’ve put together a list of some of the best gift baskets that will leave your friends and family spoilt for choice.

I’ve got something for everyone.

No matter what your budget or the recipient’s interests may be, putting together a personalized gift basket is sure to bring some holiday cheer.

So why not get started on creating the perfect Christmas gift today?

If you are searching for Christmas gift ideas, you will be able to find what you are looking for here.

I have categorized them by themed Christmas gift baskets.

Here are some DIY Christmas gift basket ideas.

Christmas Food gift baskets

DIY Wine Gift Basket

Photo Credit: Flour on myface

Everyone has a wine lover in their life or family.

What better way is there to surprise them this holiday season than to gift them with a Wine Gift Basket for Christmas.


Supplies Needed for DIY Wine Gift Basket:

  • Gift Basket
  • Gift Basket Paper Filler
  • Mini or Full-Size Wine Bottles
  • Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener
  • Wine Glasses
  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese
  • Wine Themed Wall Hanging
  • Crackers

Additional Items for Enhancement:

  • Wine Making Kit
  • “The Wine Bible” Book
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Smoked Sausage Roll
  • Wine Themed Napkins
  • Cheeseboards
  • Books about Wine
  • Wine Coasters
  • Wine Glass Charms

Assembly Directions:

  1. Choose a suitable gift basket considering your budget and desired size.
  2. Fill the basket’s bottom with coordinating paper filler. Use rolled tissue paper underneath for extra height if needed.
  3. Begin adding wine-themed items, arranging them attractively. Adjust placement for the best appearance.
  4. Use a prominent wine-themed wall hanging or book as the central piece at the back, arranging other items around it.
  5. Once satisfied with the arrangement, you can wrap the basket in cellophane or leave as is. Optionally, add a gift tag.

Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket

Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket
Photo Credit: Curly q paper

Start the Christmas morning off right with a pancake breakfast gift basket!

How To Make Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket

The Breakfast Gift Basket Contents:

  • Gingerbread Pancake Mix
  • Maple Syrup
  • Bacon (for Million Dollar Bacon)
  • Orange Juice (for Mimosas)
  • Champagne (for Mimosas)
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Mini Carafe
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Recipe for Million Dollar Bacon

Assembling the Breakfast Gift Basket:

  1. Place gingerbread pancake mix and maple syrup as the main items.
  2. Include bacon for preparing Million Dollar Bacon, along with its recipe.
  3. Add orange juice and champagne for making mimosas.
  4. Incorporate practical kitchen towels.
  5. Place a mini carafe for serving purposes.
  6. Use baker’s twine for decorative tying or bundling items together.
  7. Arrange all items neatly to ensure a visually appealing presentation.

DIY Manicure Gift Basket

DIY Manicure Gift Basket
Photo Credit:Jolynne Shane

Give the gift of relaxation and pampering with a DIY manicure gift basket.

How To Make Manicure Gift Basket

Contents for a Manicure Gift Basket:

  • Nail Polish – Various colors
  • Nail File – For shaping nails
  • Nail Clippers – Essential tool for trimming
  • Cuticle Oil – For nourishing cuticles
  • Hand Cream – To moisturize hands
  • Cotton Pads – For nail polish removal
  • Nail Polish Remover – To clean off old polish
  • Manicure Tools Set – Includes cuticle pusher, nail scissors, etc.
  • Base Coat – For nail protection
  • Top Coat – For a glossy finish

Assembling the Manicure Gift Basket:

  1. Select a basket or container that’s visually appealing and the right size.
  2. Arrange nail polishes in a variety of colors as the centerpiece.
  3. Include nail care essentials like a nail file, clippers, and cuticle oil.
  4. Add hand cream for post-manicure care.
  5. Place cotton pads and nail polish remover for easy polish changes.
  6. Incorporate a manicure tools set for comprehensive nail care.
  7. Add a base coat and top coat for complete nail polish application.
  8. Organize all items for easy access and aesthetic appeal.

Shower Kit Gift Idea

Shower Kit Gift Idea
Photo Credit:Design love fest

Give the gift of cozy and relaxation with a shower kit gift basket.

Fill it with bath bombs, soaps, body scrubs, and more!

How To Make Kit Gift Basket

Contents for a Shower Kit Gift Basket:

  • Body Wash – Luxurious scented body cleanser.
  • Shampoo – Nourishing hair cleanser.
  • Conditioner – Hair softener and moisturizer.
  • Loofah or Bath Sponge – For exfoliating.
  • Bath Salts or Bath Bombs – For a relaxing soak.
  • Shower Gel – Another cleansing option.
  • Hand Towel – Soft, high-quality towel.
  • Body Lotion – For post-shower moisturization.
  • Scented Candles – To create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Shower Cap – To keep hair dry.

Assembling the Shower Kit Gift Basket:

  1. Choose a basket that complements the bathroom aesthetic.
  2. Place body wash, shampoo, and conditioner as primary items.
  3. Add a loofah or bath sponge for exfoliation.
  4. Include bath salts or bath bombs for a luxurious bath experience.
  5. Place shower gel as an alternative to body wash.
  6. Add a soft hand towel for convenience.
  7. Include body lotion for post-shower skin care.
  8. Place scented candles to enhance the bathing experience.
  9. Add a shower cap as a practical item.
  10. Arrange all items neatly for an attractive presentation.

DIY Spa Kit Basket

DIY Spa Kit Basket
Photo Credit: Hot beauty health

Create a DIY spa kit gift basket for that special someone in need of some relaxation and pampering.

Fill it with face masks, scented lotions, bath salts, and more!

How To Make DIY Spa Kit Basket

Contents for a DIY Spa Kit Gift Basket:

  • Essential Oils – For aromatherapy and relaxation.
  • Scented Candles – To create a calming atmosphere.
  • Bath Salts – For a soothing bath experience.
  • Bath Bombs – For fizzy, fun, and aromatic baths.
  • Body Scrub – To exfoliate and smooth the skin.
  • Face Masks – For skin rejuvenation and pampering.
  • Moisturizing Lotion – To hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • Eye Mask – For relaxation and reducing eye strain.
  • Loofah or Bath Sponge – For gentle exfoliation.
  • Plush Towel – Soft and luxurious for post-spa comfort.

Assembling the DIY Spa Kit Gift Basket:

  1. Select a basket that evokes a sense of luxury and relaxation.
  2. Place essential oils and scented candles to set a serene mood.
  3. Include bath salts and bath bombs for an indulgent bath experience.
  4. Add a body scrub to encourage skin rejuvenation.
  5. Incorporate various face masks for different skin care needs.
  6. Include a moisturizing lotion for post-bath skin care.
  7. Add an eye mask to enhance the relaxation experience.
  8. Place a loofah or bath sponge for body care.
  9. Include a plush towel for a cozy, post-spa feel.
  10. Arrange all items in a visually appealing manner for the perfect gift presentation.

Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Basket
Photo Credit: A night owl blog

For the coffee lover in your life, gift them with a coffee gift basket.

Fill it with their favorite blends of coffee beans, mugs, and even some flavored syrups or creamers.

How To Make a Coffee Gift Basket

Contents for a Coffee Gift Basket

  • Whole Bean Coffee – A selection of premium blends.
  • Ground Coffee – For immediate brewing convenience.
  • French Press – For a rich coffee experience.
  • Coffee Mugs – Stylish and practical.
  • Coffee Grinder – For fresh grinding of whole beans.
  • Flavored Syrups – To add a special touch to each cup.
  • Biscotti or Cookies – Perfect pairing for coffee.
  • Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans – A sweet treat.
  • Creamer Selection – Variety of flavors for customization.
  • Coffee-Themed Book or Magazine – For coffee enthusiasts.

Assembling the Coffee Gift Basket

  1. Choose a basket that reflects the warmth and richness of coffee.
  2. Place whole bean and ground coffee as the central items.
  3. Include a French press for a refined brewing method.
  4. Add one or two coffee mugs for immediate enjoyment.
  5. Incorporate a coffee grinder for those who prefer freshly ground coffee.
  6. Place flavored syrups for personalized coffee flavors.
  7. Add biscotti or cookies for a delightful coffee companion.
  8. Include chocolate-covered espresso beans for a sweet touch.
  9. Offer a selection of creamers for diverse taste preferences.
  10. Place a coffee-themed book or magazine for an informative touch.
  11. Arrange all items to showcase variety and thoughtfulness in the gift.

Coffee Holiday Gift Idea

Coffee Holiday Gift Idea
Photo Credit: The tom kat studio

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life? Look no further than this coffee gift basket.

How To Make a Coffee Holiday Gift Idea

Contents for a Coffee Holiday Gift Basket:

  • Holiday Blend Coffee – Seasonal flavored coffee beans.
  • Festive Coffee Mugs – Holiday-themed or winter design.
  • Cinnamon Sticks – For spicing up the coffee.
  • Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans – Festive and delicious.
  • Gingerbread Biscotti – Seasonal treat to pair with coffee.
  • Peppermint Syrup – To add a holiday twist to beverages.
  • Holiday-Themed Coffee Spoon – Decorative and functional.
  • Mini Marshmallows – Perfect for topping hot coffee or cocoa.
  • Coffee Creamers – In holiday flavors, like pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha.
  • A Coffee-Themed Holiday Ornament – For a festive touch.

Assembling the Coffee Holiday Gift Basket:

  1. Choose a basket with a holiday theme or in festive colors.
  2. Place the holiday blend coffee as the centerpiece.
  3. Include festive coffee mugs for a seasonal touch.
  4. Add cinnamon sticks for a spiced coffee option.
  5. Place chocolate-covered espresso beans as a sweet treat.
  6. Include gingerbread biscotti for a holiday flavor pairing.
  7. Add peppermint syrup for a festive coffee twist.
  8. Include a holiday-themed coffee spoon for a decorative touch.
  9. Add mini marshmallows for a cozy, warm topping.
  10. Place holiday-flavored creamers for a variety of tastes.
  11. Include a coffee-themed holiday ornament for a special keepsake.
  12. Arrange all items thoughtfully for a visually appealing and festive presentation.

Home Spa Ideas

Home Spa Ideas
Photo Credit: Country hill cottage

Everyone needs a DIY spa day once in a while!

What can make your spa day experience phenomenal? A good DIY spa kit.

How To Make a Home Spa Gift Basket

Contents for a Home Spa Gift Basket

  • Essential Oil Diffuser – For a calming aromatherapy experience.
  • Variety of Essential Oils – Lavender, Eucalyptus, and others for relaxation.
  • Scented Candles – To create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Bath Bombs – For a luxurious and fizzy bath experience.
  • Epsom Salts – To relieve stress and soothe muscles.
  • Body Scrub – For exfoliating and rejuvenating skin.
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion – To hydrate and soften skin.
  • Plush Bathrobe – For comfortable lounging.
  • Cozy Slippers – For warmth and comfort.
  • Face Masks – For a spa-like facial treatment.
  • Eye Mask – To relax and reduce puffiness.
  • Relaxing Music CD or Playlist – For a complete spa ambiance.

Assembling the Home Spa Gift Basket

  1. Select a basket or container that evokes tranquility and comfort.
  2. Place the essential oil diffuser and a selection of essential oils as key items.
  3. Add scented candles to enhance the spa atmosphere.
  4. Include bath bombs and Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.
  5. Add a body scrub for a revitalizing skin treatment.
  6. Include moisturizing body lotion for post-spa skin care.
  7. Place a plush bathrobe and cozy slippers for ultimate relaxation.
  8. Add a variety of face masks tailored to different skin types.
  9. Include an eye mask for a soothing eye treatment.
  10. Add a CD or a playlist of relaxing music to complete the spa experience.
  11. Arrange all items in a way that’s visually appealing and inviting.

DIY Relaxing Spa Gift Idea

DIY Relaxing Spa Gift Idea
Photo Credit: Mom endeavors

This little spa gift basket would be SO nice to give (or receive) this holiday season. In a small basket, combine some great relaxation items.

How To Make a DIY Relaxing Spa Gift Idea

Contents for a DIY Relaxing Spa Gift Basket

  • Floral Scented Candles – Rose or lavender for a gentle, soothing aroma.
  • Herbal Bath Teas – Chamomile or peppermint blends for relaxation.
  • Luxurious Bubble Bath – With scents like jasmine or vanilla.
  • Silky Body Lotion – Infused with shea butter or jojoba oil for soft skin.
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub – Sugar or salt-based with a light, feminine fragrance.
  • Plush Bath Towel – Soft and fluffy in a delicate color like pastel pink or lilac.
  • Cozy Bathrobe – Lightweight and in a soft, feminine hue.
  • Comfortable Slippers – Fluffy and warm, matching the bathrobe’s color.
  • Facial Sheet Masks – With hydrating and soothing properties.
  • Eye Gel Pads – For reducing puffiness and relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Rose, lavender, or ylang-ylang for stress relief.
  • Handcrafted Soap – Glycerin or milk-based with floral notes.

Assembling the DIY Relaxing Spa Gift Basket

  1. Select a basket that’s elegant and stylish, possibly wicker or decorated with ribbons.
  2. Place floral scented candles at the center for a warm, inviting fragrance.
  3. Add herbal bath teas and a luxurious bubble bath for a pampering bath experience.
  4. Include silky body lotion and an exfoliating body scrub for skin care.
  5. Arrange a plush bath towel and a soft bathrobe for comfort.
  6. Add comfortable slippers to complement the bathrobe.
  7. Place facial sheet masks and eye gel pads for a facial spa experience.
  8. Include aromatherapy essential oils for a calming atmosphere.
  9. Add handcrafted soap as a special, artisanal touch.
  10. Decorate the basket with feminine accents like pastel ribbons or floral embellishments.
  11. Organize all items thoughtfully, ensuring the presentation is as luxurious as the experience it promises.

Best Snack Gift Basket

Christmas food gift basket

Snack christmas baskey DIY from A Helicopter Mom

Christmas food gift basket 2

How To Make The Snack Gift Basket

Contents for the Best Snack Gift Basket:

  • Gourmet Popcorn – Flavored varieties like caramel or cheese.
  • Assorted Cookies – A mix of classic and unique flavors.
  • Fine Chocolates – Selection of milk, dark, and white chocolates.
  • Yogurt-Covered Pretzels – Sweet and salty treat.
  • Nuts and Trail Mix – For a healthy snack option.
  • Fruit Snacks or Dried Fruit – Natural sweetness and texture.
  • Cheese Crackers – Savory and crispy.
  • Candy Canes or Seasonal Candies – For a festive touch.
  • Hot Chocolate Mix – Comforting and warm beverage.
  • Seasonal Tea Bags – Flavors like cinnamon or peppermint.

Assembling the Best Snack Gift Basket:

  1. Choose a spacious and sturdy basket suitable for holding various snacks.
  2. Start with gourmet popcorn, offering a mix of sweet and savory flavors.
  3. Add an assortment of cookies, including both classic and creative varieties.
  4. Place fine chocolates strategically for visual appeal.
  5. Include yogurt-covered pretzels for a delightful sweet and salty balance.
  6. Add nuts and trail mix for those who prefer a healthier snack.
  7. Place fruit snacks or dried fruit to add a natural sweet element.
  8. Include cheese crackers for a savory option.
  9. Add candy canes or seasonal candies for a festive holiday feel.
  10. Place hot chocolate mix and seasonal tea bags for cozy beverage options.
  11. Wrap the basket carefully with clear plastic wrap to showcase the contents.
  12. Finish with a beautiful Christmas bow for a festive and inviting presentation.

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Coffee lover gift basket from Happy go lucky blog

How To Make a Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Contents for a Coffee Lovers Gift Basket (with Coffee Pods):

  • Assorted Coffee Pods – A variety of flavors and strengths.
  • Reusable Coffee Pod – Environmentally friendly and compatible with most machines.
  • Travel Coffee Mug – Insulated and stylish for coffee on the go.
  • Electric Milk Frother – For creating lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Gourmet Syrups – Vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut flavors for customization.
  • Chocolate-Dipped Spoons – For a touch of sweetness in each cup.
  • Biscotti – Perfect for dipping in coffee.
  • Coffee-Themed Coasters – To protect surfaces in style.
  • Coffee Bean Grinder – For those who prefer to grind their own beans.
  • Coffee Scented Candle – To fill the room with a coffee aroma.

Assembling the Coffee Lovers Gift Basket:

  1. Choose a basket that’s modern and attractive, suitable for a coffee theme.
  2. Start by placing a variety of coffee pods prominently for easy selection.
  3. Include a reusable coffee pod for sustainability-minded coffee lovers.
  4. Add a travel coffee mug for convenience and style.
  5. Place an electric milk frother for those who enjoy creamy coffee drinks.
  6. Add gourmet syrups for customizing coffee flavors.
  7. Include chocolate-dipped spoons for a sweet touch in every cup.
  8. Add biscotti as a classic coffee accompaniment.
  9. Place coffee-themed coasters for a practical and decorative element.
  10. Include a coffee bean grinder for enthusiasts who enjoy fresh grounds.
  11. Add a coffee scented candle to enhance the coffee experience.
  12. Arrange all items thoughtfully, ensuring they are visible and attractive.
  13. Wrap the basket in clear plastic wrap for a polished look.
  14. Finish with a decorative ribbon or bow to tie the theme together.

Wine Lover Basket

wine lovers christmas gift basket

How To Make a Wine Lover Basket

Contents for a Wine Lover Basket

  • Selection of Fine Wines – A variety of reds, whites, and perhaps a rosé.
  • Wine Glasses – Elegant stemware suitable for different types of wine.
  • Corkscrew – A high-quality, easy-to-use wine opener.
  • Wine Bottle Stopper – To preserve unfinished wine.
  • Cheese Assortment – A selection of cheeses that pair well with wine.
  • Gourmet Crackers – To accompany the cheese.
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts – For a flavorful snack pairing.
  • Wine Aerator – For enhancing the flavor of wine.
  • Wine-Themed Decorative Towel – As a stylish and functional addition.
  • Small House Plant – Such as a succulent or a small potted herb, for a touch of greenery.
  • Wine Tasting Journal – For the recipient to record their wine experiences.
  • Chocolate Truffles – As a sweet complement to the wines.

Assembling the Wine Lover Basket:

  1. Choose a basket that’s spacious and has a sophisticated look.
  2. Begin with the selection of wines, placing them securely in the basket.
  3. Add wine glasses next, ensuring they are well-protected.
  4. Include a high-quality corkscrew and a decorative wine bottle stopper.
  5. Place an assortment of cheeses, followed by gourmet crackers.
  6. Add dried fruits and nuts for additional snacking options.
  7. Include a wine aerator to enhance the wine-tasting experience.
  8. Place a wine-themed decorative towel for a touch of elegance.
  9. Add a small house plant to bring a bit of nature into the gift.
  10. Include a wine tasting journal for the recipient to document their favorites.
  11. Finish with chocolate truffles as a perfect pairing for the wines.
  12. Arrange all items carefully, ensuring they are visible and present a luxurious appeal.
  13. Leave the basket unwrapped for an immediate and inviting display.

Tea Lovers Gift basket

Tea Lovers gift basket from Live laugh rowe

How To Make a Tea Lovers Gift basket

Contents for a Tea Lovers Gift Basket:

  • Assorted Loose Leaf Teas – A variety of flavors like Earl Grey, green tea, and herbal blends.
  • Tea Bags Selection – For convenience and variety.
  • Tea Infuser – A stylish and practical tool for loose leaf tea brewing.
  • Honey – Natural sweetener to complement the tea flavors.
  • Lemon Ginger Snaps – To pair with the tea for a zesty treat.
  • Tea Pot – Elegant and functional for brewing multiple cups.
  • Tea Cups – Delicate and beautifully designed.
  • Tea Cozy – To keep the tea warm for longer periods.
  • Biscuits or Scones – Perfect for a classic tea-time snack.
  • Tea-Themed Book or Magazine – For reading while enjoying a cup of tea.
  • Chocolate Truffles – For a touch of sweetness.
  • Tea Timer – To brew each tea to perfection.

Assembling the Tea Lovers Gift Basket:

  1. Select a charming and spacious basket.
  2. Place the assorted loose leaf teas and tea bags selection prominently.
  3. Include a tea infuser, adding both function and style.
  4. Add a jar of honey for a natural sweetener option.
  5. Place lemon ginger snaps as a flavorful snack.
  6. Include an elegant teapot for brewing.
  7. Add a set of delicate tea cups to complement the teapot.
  8. Place a tea cozy to maintain the warmth of the tea.
  9. Include biscuits or scones for a delightful tea-time treat.
  10. Add a tea-themed book or magazine for leisurely reading.
  11. Place chocolate truffles for a luxurious touch.
  12. Include a tea timer to help brew each cup to perfection.
  13. Arrange all the items thoughtfully for an attractive presentation.

Christmas Pancake Gift Basket

Pancake christmas gift basket from Skip to my lou

How To Make a Christmas Pancake Gift Basket

Contents for a Christmas Pancake Gift Basket:

  • Festive Pancake Mix – Flavors like gingerbread or cinnamon spice.
  • Maple Syrup – Pure and rich, ideal for topping pancakes.
  • Christmas-Shaped Pancake Molds – Shapes like stars, trees, or snowflakes.
  • Whisk – For mixing the pancake batter.
  • Mixing Bowl – Festively colored or decorated.
  • Spatula – Practical and possibly Christmas-themed.
  • Holiday Sprinkles – For a fun and colorful pancake topping.
  • Powdered Sugar – To dust over pancakes for a snowy effect.
  • Hot Chocolate Mix – For a cozy beverage pairing.
  • Mini Marshmallows – To add to the hot chocolate.
  • Seasonal Tea Towel – With a Christmas motif for a kitchen accent.
  • Festive Mugs – For enjoying hot chocolate.

Assembling the Christmas Pancake Gift Basket:

  1. Choose a basket that has a holiday look, perhaps with red or green accents.
  2. Place the festive pancake mix as a centerpiece.
  3. Include a bottle of pure maple syrup.
  4. Add Christmas-shaped pancake molds for a holiday twist.
  5. Include a whisk and mixing bowl that align with the holiday theme.
  6. Add a spatula, choosing one that’s practical and festive.
  7. Place holiday sprinkles and powdered sugar for decorating pancakes.
  8. Include hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows for a warm drink.
  9. Add a seasonal tea towel as a practical and decorative element.
  10. Include festive mugs that complement the holiday theme.
  11. Arrange all items thoughtfully, ensuring they are visible and well-presented.
  12. The arrangement should evoke the warmth and joy of Christmas.

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Art Caddy Gift Basket

Art Caddy Gift Basket
Photo Credit:I heart organizing

For the little artist in your life, put together a gift basket filled with all their favorite art supplies.

Think crayons, markers, colored pencils, paintbrushes, and more!

Gift basket here

Creativity in a Basket

Creativity in a Basket
Photo Credit The dating divas:

This creativity in a basket gift idea is perfect for the little ones in your life who love to express their artistic side.

Fill it with items like colorful markers, paints, play dough, and more!

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Gift Basket for Little Girls

Gift Basket for Little Girls
Photo Credit:Serenity now blog

Surprise the little girls in your life with a gift basket filled with all their favorite things.

Think items like hair accessories, jewelry, nail polish, and fun trinkets.

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Bookworm Gift Basket

Bookworm Gift Basket
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Surprise the book lover in your life with a gift basket filled with their favorite books and cozy essentials for a night of reading.

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