Decorating for Halloween on a Dime

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Are you on a tight budget but still want to do some Halloween decor? I will give you Halloween decor ideas and inspiration to start decorating for Halloween on a dime.

Get your kids involve with these easy DIY Halloween craft projects.

How Can You Get Cheap Halloween Decorations?

I am all about frugal Halloween decoration ideas. It drives me crazy when I go to a store to buy Halloween decorations and the price tag is inflated.

I will be sharing with you my ideas and inspiration to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget.

These are the steps I take for decorating for Halloween on a dime and make it look chic decor.

  • Look for garage sales. People like to do garage sales to declutter. I always find beautiful Halloween decoration items that sell at the store for $40 and I buy them for just a few dollars.
  • Join Facebook Marketplace.
  • Dollar tree and big lots. I find a big selection of Halloween items stocks. A big tip is to drive around the different neighborhoods in search of Dollar tree stores and big lots. I find that each store has different selections based on areas.
  • Buy your Halloween decorations a year in advance. For example, after Halloween when they go on sale for 50% or more.

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A collection of decorations on a dime. Decorating for Halloween on a Dime

How Do You Store Halloween Decorations?

  • Put Decorations Back on their original package: Don’t throw away boxes. When you buy or order your Halloween decorations, save the original boxes they were shipped to you.
  • Label everything: One trick I use is to label all the sides of the box and the top and bottom. This way it does not matters which way you are facing you will be able to read it and know what is it right away.
  • Don’t save the candy: Eat it share with friends and family but never store it. Candy does expire. Also, you will be inviting unwanted guests to your house (mouse, rats, ants, roaches, to name a few)
  • Remove Batteries: If your decorations use batteries do not forget to remove them before storing and putting away. When batteries get old they leak acid and will damage your decorations.
  • Heavy items on the bottom: It is worth mentioning that is safer to store your heavy items on the bottom and lighter decoration on the top. I know is common sense, but believe me…I have had decorations smashed up because I was not careful when packing them for storing.
  • Pack all your boxes evenly: Distribute the weigh amongst all your boxes. Don’t overload one box and underload the next. This is especially important if you are going to stock them one on top of the other.

Halloween Decoration Ideas on a Dime

With these Halloween decor ideas on a budget you will be able to recreate your favorites.

Create a spooky Decor without going over budget.

Compilation of Budget Halloween Decoration Ideas

Ideas and inspiration for creating beautiful Halloween and fall pumpkin without breaking the budget.

A collection of decorations on a dime. Decorating for Halloween on a Dime

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