70+ Happy Birthday Aunt Wishes

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Aunts are the most important women in our lives after our mothers. They are there to spoil us, make us laugh, and support us too.

Our aunts certainly have a special place in our hearts. They act like our second mother and love us like their own kids.

This is why on her special day we want to find the perfect words to say ‘Happy Birthday Aunt’.

Aunts come in all shapes and sizes and with different sense of humor too.

If you are looking for inspiration whether your aunt is the cool aunt, the sassy aunt, the sweet aunt just, keep scrolling down until you find the right birthday message.

Some aunts are cool, some are kind, and some are downright sassy.

With this Happy birthday aunt list, and happy birthday aunt images. You can find the perfect aunt’s birthday wishes that fit you and your auntie!

Happy Birthday Aunt List

aunt birthday wishes
  • Never forget, dear Aunt, how much you are loved and respected by every member of our family. You mean so much to us all. Happy birthday!
  • To My Dearest Aunt, Happy Birthday. You’ve always been my favorite relative because of the way you light up a room. Here’s to you, an amazing woman and a more amazing aunt.
  • It’s a great day because we get to celebrate you and how much you mean to all of us. You’re a great aunty and a fabulous friend, and we hope you have a brilliant birthday!
  • Dear aunt, the word “generation gap” doesn’t have a meaning for us. You have always been a constant companion and are ready to share in my joys. Thank you for always being my partner in crime. Happy birthday.!
  • Happy Birthday! To an auntie who’s cool, smart, funny, and good looking… I hope that I grow up to be just like you!
  • I am so happy to celebrate your birthday with you, dear aunt. You are a special person to me and I wish you many more birthdays to come! I love you, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Auntie! Thanks for being consistently awesome. You are the best!
  • Happy Birthday. Smile your dazzling smile and enjoy yourself, because I can’t imagine a woman who deserves to more! You’ve been more than an aunt, you’ve been a friend to me over the years, and so I want to wish you the most marvelous birthday ever. Go have fun!
  • It’s your birthday! What a perfect excuse for pedicures, shopping, and wine! Happy Birthday Auntie!
  • You’ve got this “Best Aunt” gig in the bag! I hope this day brings everything you wish for! Happy Birthday, Auntie!
  • Dear Auntie, I may have acquired my mother’s charisma and my father’s brains. However, from you, I’ve acquired the amazing capacity to make the best of what I have. Happy Birthday!
  • I know words can never express how much you mean to me, but I hope to spend the rest of my life trying. You mean so much to me, and I know I don’t express it nearly enough. Have a wonderful birthday Aunt!
  • Dear Aunt, you may be a little bit crazy, but you’re my kind of crazy! Happy Birthday!
  • For My Aunt, Happy Birthday. From when I was a small child to now, you opened my eyes to the world. Showed me it’s beauty and secrets
  • I’m so thankful for an aunt like you. You fill my heart with love and my stomach with incredible food. I hope we get to spend some quality time together soon. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever.
  • Hope you have the best birthday ever, Auntie. You’ve always been there for me. On your special day, I want you to know how special you are to me. Love you LOTS!
  •  Thanks for always keeping me in line when I really wanted to stray. You are a main part of the reason I am who I am today. I have nothing but genuine respect and love for you Auntie.
  • Most aunts probably say they want flowers, hugs, and kisses, but I know what you really want. A special birthday message from your favorite person…ME!
  • Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, and let you know how lucky I feel to be your nephew. I might only say it once a year, but I feel it all the time. You’re amazing my darling aunt!
  • Wishing a super duper birthday to the only aunt in the world with a swag that would shame most celebrities’. Happy Birthday, Auntie!
  • Look out! The best aunt around just got one year older and a whole lot better! Happy birthday, sweet Aunt!
  • Happy Birthday. I’m toasting to you today! Nothing less for my favorite aunt. Celebrate well, and the next time we see each other your drink is on me!
  • Happy Birthday to my Aunt. You’re such a special part of our family. And most important of all, you’re a wonderful friend to me! I hope your celebration is the best one yet.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite Aunt! As much as it’s tough to balance work and home; you make it all seem so easy and effortless! Kudos to you for that!
  • Happy Birthday. You’ve been at the center of all my sunny days so it’s no secret you’re my favorite aunt. Wishing you joy and luck for this next year!
  • Have I ever told you that you’re like a second mom to me? Thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me, I really appreciate your advice and support. On your special birthday, I hope you’re showered with gifts and love, you deserve it all. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, aunt! It’s hard to pick just one positive thing about you because you are overflowing with positive. You are a bright spot in my life, and I really appreciate how wonderful you are.
  • Here’s wishing all your birthday wishes come true and then some. You are a constant light in my life, and you deserve everything you could ever hope for on your special day.
  • You’re the kind of woman who doesn’t just say nice things but does nice things. Thanks for leading by example. If I turn out half as great as you, I’ll consider it a life well-lived.
  • You took me in and raised me like one of your own. I am so happy to have you in my life aunt. Happy birthday!
  • No matter how many years we stay apart, my love for you is only going to expand! Happy Birthday, aunt! May you have a great year! 
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing lady! I’m fortunate to have such a loving and supportive woman in my life. The fact that you are my aunt makes it all the better.
  • I am so glad that today is your birthday and we get a chance to celebrate you and your brilliance. Happy birthday to my Aunt!
  • Happy birthday to the woman who never tells me to mom! Just know that I really appreciate you in my life and also on my side.
  • You are a magical woman who brings so much energy into my life. You have a beautiful face as well as a beautiful soul and heart. I love you a lot. Happy birthday!
  • When moms need backup they call aunts. Thanks for always taking care of me when I needed it. You are the best aunt ever!
  • To the woman who originated girls’ night out: thanks for always being a friend before you were an aunt. You taught me the meaning of sisterhood. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday wishes aunty! You are so precious to me, and I love you.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

aunt birthday
  • Wishing you a long life, full of prosperity and well being! Happy Birthday to my favorite aunt!
  • Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you on your birthday dear aunt.
  • You are so wonderful, and I think the world of you. Happy birthday
  • A very happy birthday to my most favorite person in the whole family.
  • You are an extraordinary woman and deserve the very best. Happy birthday! 
  • Hey, Aunty! Happy Birthday! You truly an inspiration for all of us!
  • Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Aunty! You are my biggest inspiration!
  • Thank you for always inspiring me to do better. Happy birthday!
  • Warm birthday greetings to the coolest and friendly aunt in the world, you!
  • Happy Birthday, dear aunt! You truly are an epitome of grace. Love you!
  • I’ve learned so many life lessons from your journey! Happy Birthday, dear aunt!
  • When I need a mom and a bestie all rolled into one, I always look to my aunt.
  • You have been my biggest motivator in my toughest times! Happy Birthday, aunt!
  • Happy Birthday, dearest Aunt! You are one in a billion!
  • Because you are the coolest aunt anyone can have. Happy birthday to you!
  • You are more than my aunt. You are a cherished friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Thanks for showing me that the best way to lead is by example. You truly inspire me to be a better person. Happy birthday, aunt!
  • You are the best confidant a teen could ask for. Thanks for keeping all my secrets. Best happy birthday ever!
  • All the time we have spent together are the memories to cherish always. Happy birthday to my aunt!
  • I just want to let you know that you are in my thoughts on your special day. Happy birthday wishes aunt.
  • To the sweetest aunt, a niece could ask for. Have a happy birthday and many, many more

Funny Happy birthday Aunt Wishes

birthday wishes
  • Dear Aunt, if life was a game of Mario Kart you would be my blue shell. Thanks for bringing excitement and adventure to my life. Happy birthday!
  • Thanks for always being a rule breaker. You showed me how to live life to the fullest and to dream bigger dreams.
  • Congratulations on your birthday and for having a niece as splendid as me.
  • To the coolest, hippest, and craziest aunt: Happy birthday! It’s not easy to make it look as easy and good as you do.
  • Wishing you a huge peanut butter cake on your birthday! May you always be the nut in our family! Happy birthday Auntie!
  • Each family has a cool child. In your family it is you! Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! May you have a year full of happiness!
  • A very happy birthday to you! You have been instrumental in choosing all my first date outfits. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  • Most women hate aging. Aunt, you are only growing beautiful and wonderful each passing year.

More Happy Birthday Wishes

aunt happy birthday wishes

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