15 Easy RumChata Drinks

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If you’re looking for a fun and flavorful liquor to add to your next cocktail, then look no further than RumChata Drinks that are becoming very popular because of the unique taste, and it’s easy to mix up delicious cocktails with just a few ingredients.

This creamy and sweet liqueur is made with Caribbean rum, real dairy cream, sugar, and natural flavors like cinnamon and vanilla.

It’s the perfect addition to all kinds of cocktails, from fruity drinks to coffee drinks and beyond.

If you are into dessert drinks or creamy drinks, then RumChata drinks are perfect for you.

But what exactly is it? What does RumChata taste like? And how can you mix it into some delicious drinks?

I’ll answer all those questions and more so you can get to know this popular liqueur. 

Let’s explore what makes RumChata so special while also taking a look at some popular RumChata drinks.

Two glasses of rumchata eggnog cocktail.

What is RumChata?

RumChata (or Ron Chata) is a cream liqueur made with rum and dairy cream. It also contains sugar, vanilla extract, natural spices, and cinnamon.

It was launched in 2009 as an alternative to traditional cinnamon-flavored alcoholic drinks such as Fireball Whiskey or Goldschlager.

The result is a smooth, delicious drink that can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails for an extra-special kick.

The rum used in this liqueur has been aged for multiple years in white oak barrels prior to being blended with the other ingredients for a truly unique flavor experience.

A smooth and creamy concoction that tastes like a combination of custard and rum. It has a low alcohol content—only 13% ABV—and comes in two sizes: 750-milliliter bottles or single-serve shots. 

white russian cocktail.

What Mixes Well With RumChata?

RumChata pairs well with many different mixers including cola, cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger beer or ale.

It can also be used in creative cocktails like the “Dark & Stormy” or “Monsooner” which combine it with dark rum and ginger beer respectively.

It can also be used in baking recipes like cakes or cookies for a boozy twist on traditional desserts.  

The possibilities are endless! Additionally, you can also use it as an ingredient in food dishes such as cheesecakes or ice cream sundaes for an extra dash of sweetness.

To get creative with your elegant cocktails, try adding fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, oranges, or limes for added sweetness and complexity. 

Horchata colada.

What does RumChata taste like?

RumChata has a sweet yet subtly spicy flavor that is reminiscent of horchata drink – a Mexican drink made from rice milk and cinnamon – but with an added hint of rum.

It has a light yet rich taste that combines the sweetness of vanilla with the warmth of cinnamon and the smoothness of cream.

Like a combination of sweet custard flavors combined with the warmth and spice of aged rum.

The combination of flavors makes for an incredibly smooth and creamy taste that can make any cocktail even more enjoyable! 

Chocolate rumchata cocktail

What Are The RumChata Flavors?

RumChata comes in three different flavors. Each flavor offers its own unique twist on the classic blend but all are equally delicious! 

  • Original RumChata: Smooth, creamy and spicy with a hint of rum and vanilla.
  • RumChata Limon: Creamy rum taste with a hint of lemon for a slightly more tart flavor.
  • RumChata Peppermint Bark: Subtle peppermint and chocolate notes for a unique and festive twist on the original.

All three flavors are equally delicious when served on their own over ice or mixed into cocktails for added sweetness or complexity.

They are also perfect for baking into cakes or other desserts if you are looking for an indulgent treat!  

Popular RumChata Drinks

This popular drink has become a staple ingredient in a variety of cocktails.

RumChata cocktails are incredibly easy to make and provide a delicious twist on classic drinks.

Here are some popular RumChata recipes you should try out.

1. Rumchata Martini

Two glasses of rumchata martinis.

A martini is a classic drink, but adding the rich, creamy taste of Rumchata takes it up a notch.

This smooth and creamy martini is sure to become a favorite!

2. Snickerdoodle Rumchata Cocktail

snickerdoodle cocktail with rumchata.

This sweet and creamy cocktail has all the cozy spices of your favorite holiday cookie in one delicious glass.

The combination of vanilla vodka, RumChata and cinnamon schnapps creates an irresistible flavor combo that will have everyone asking for seconds.

Top it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon for an extra special touch. 

3. Rumchata Eggnog

Two glasses of Rumchata eggnog.

Eggnog is a holiday staple, nothing says holiday cheer like homemade eggnog!

But why not make it even better?

Try making a batch of eggnog using Rumchata instead of rum or bourbon.

This recipe takes just minutes to prepare but tastes like it took hours!

4. Rumchata Mudslide

Top view of two glasses of rumchata mudslide cocktails.

Who doesn’t like a boozy coffee?

The classic mudslide gets even more delicious when you add some rum to the mix! 

This decadent dessert-like drink pairs perfectly with after-dinner coffee or as an after-dinner treat all by itself.

This decadent take on an Irish coffee is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 

5. RumChataTini Cider Cocktail

Rumchata rum martini cocktail.

If you’re looking for an adult twist on one of fall’s most classic beverages, this is the drink for you.

This cider cocktail is perfect for those chilly fall nights when all you want to do is curl up with a good book and a warm drink.

The tartness of the apple cider perfectly complements the sweetness of the RumChata.

6. RumChata Pina Colada

two glasses of rumchata pina colada.

If you’re looking for a tropical escape from the cold weather outside, try this amazing RumChata pina colada recipe!

This tropical piña colada is a popular summertime drink sure to transport you to the beaches of Hawaii!

7. Caramel Rumchata Hot Chocolate

Caramel hot chocolate with rumchata.

Who says hot chocolate has to be boring? 

Caramel RumChata Hot Chocolate is a unique twist on traditional hot cocoa that takes it up a notch with the addition of sweet caramel and spicy rumchata liqueur.

Not only does this concoction taste amazing, but it will also give you a nice cozy feeling thanks to its warm temperature.

It’s the perfect way to kick off those cold winter days! 

8. RumChata White Russian

Rumchata white russian.

If you love White Russians but want something a little more indulgent, then this RumChata version is just what you need.

With its creamy texture and hint of cinnamon, this sweet treat is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day. 

9. Horchata Margarita

Horchata margarita.

Love Mexican food? Then you’ll love this fun twist on your favorite RumChata mixed Drinks.

The horchata gives it a unique flavor that makes this drink stand out from the traditional margarita, sure to be a hit at your next get-together.

This festive cocktail is the perfect way to kick off your happy hour.

10. Salted Caramel Shooters

caramel shooters with rumchata.

Are you looking for a show-stopping cocktail recipe to wow your guests?

These shooters are sweet yet salty and definitely have that wow factor when served at a party.

11. Cinnamon Roll Cocktail

cinnamon roll cocktail.

Start your night off with this delicious and unique cocktail! 

This creamy cocktail is reminiscent of a classic cinnamon roll but with a boozy twist. 

12. Rumchata Chai Milkshake

Rumchata Caramel milkshake.

This delicious twist on the classic milkshake will have your guests begging for more. 

Is the perfect way to cool off in the summer heat. 

13. Rumchata Salted Caramel Martini

Salted caramel martini with rumchata.

This take on the classic martini is decadent and sophisticated.

Sweet meets salty in this unique martini that combines all the flavors you love in one drink!

This indulgent cocktail is sure to be a hit at any holiday party!

14. Coconut Snowflake Cocktail

coconut snowflake cocktail

This winter, add some festive flair to your holiday gatherings with this delicious keto Coconut Snowflake Holiday Cocktail.

An easy to make cocktail for any occasion.

15. Keto Rumchata Cocktail

keto rumchata drink

Who says you can’t enjoy a delicious cocktail while on the keto diet?

With this low-carb RumChata cocktail, you can indulge without sabotaging your weight loss goals.

This simple and refreshing drink is sure to be a hit at your next gathering. 

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RumChata Drinks FAQ

If you’re curious about RumChata, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

What is the alcohol content of RumChata?

RumChata has an alcohol content of 13% ABV.

Can you drink RumChata straight?

Yes, you can drink RumChata by itself over ice or chilled for a smooth and creamy experience.

How is RumChata best served?

RumChata can be served in any cocktail, over ice, or chilled in shot glasses. It can also be pored over ice cream or other desserts for an extra kick of sweetness.

What’s the difference between Baileys and RumChata?

Baileys is a cream-based liqueur made with Irish whiskey and chocolate, while RumChata is a rum-based liqueur made with cinnamon and vanilla. Both are delicious, but the flavor profiles differ significantly.

Should RumChata be refrigerated?

No, it is not necessary to refrigerate RumChata. The alcohol content helps to preserve the liqueur, so it should be fine if stored at room temperature.

However, you can keep it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and delicious and ready to serve whenever you need it.

RumChata Drinks Recipes

RumChata Drinks on dark background.
Yield: 15

Rumchata Drinks Recipes

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

RumChata Drinks are becoming very popular because of the unique taste easy to . Easy to mix delicious cocktails with just a few ingredients.


  • Rumchata Martini
  • Snickerdoodle Rumchata Cocktail
  • Rumchata Eggnog
  • Rumchata Mudslide
  • RumChataTini Cider Cocktail
  • RumChata Pina Colada
  • Caramel Rumchata Hot Chocolate
  • RumChata White Russian
  • Horchata Margarita
  • Salted Caramel Shooters
  • Cinnamon Roll Cocktail
  • Rumchata Chai Milkshake
  • Salted Caramel Martini
  • Coconut Snowflake Cocktail
  • keto RumChata Cocktail


  1. Pick a favorite Rumchata cocktail.
  2. Have all ingredients ready
  3. Enjoy with a delicious cocktail anytime of the year.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 230Total Fat 9gSaturated Fat 6gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 2gCholesterol 29mgSodium 199mgCarbohydrates 31gFiber 1gSugar 36gProtein 3g

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for something indulgent or just want to mix up some tasty cocktails at home, there’s no denying that RumChata has become an increasingly popular choice amongst cocktail enthusiasts!

Rumchata is sure to become one of your favorite spirits!

With its sweet custard flavors combined with aged rum and natural spices.

This creamy liqueur makes for the perfect addition to any cocktail recipe!

Its versatile flavor profile lends itself perfectly both as an ingredient in cocktails or simply enjoyed on its own.

So next time you’re hosting friends at home or looking for something special for your next gathering, why not whip up some tasty drinks featuring this delectable spirit.

This delicious liqueur will surely satisfy and impress!

You won’t regret giving this delightful drink a try!

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