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Are you on the fence about press on nails? here I will tell you few reason why press on nails are the way to go. You will save money and time going to the nail salon.

Why Press On Nails?

There’s so many reasons to love press on nails, no matter if you’re used to acrylic nails or you use nail polish to color your nails. 

I have paid hundreds each month with regular polish just to have then chipped within a day if not few hours. Gel nails and even painting them myself.

Pros and Cons of Press on nails

The Pros

  • You can apply the in the comfort of your home.
  • They can be reused over and over.
  • Very easy to remove.
  • Very affordable.
  • Your natural nails stay healthy since there is no damage with press on nails.
  • More variety and choices.

The Cons

  • They can come off if not secure properly.
  • Some brands looks fake and cheap.

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Press On Nails FAQ

How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

When done right and taking good care Press On Nails can last two weeks. Make sure to apply a good amount of nail glue to make sure they are in place and secured.

Can You Reuse Press On Nails?

You can reuse fake nails as long as you apply and remove them properly. An easy trick is to use nail tabs. They’re sticky tabs that stick to the fake nail and your nail easily.

How to Remove Press On Nails?

The best way to remove press ons is to soak them in a small ceramic or glass bowl filled with acetone-based nail polish remover.

Does Press On Nails Ruin Your Nails?

No, press on nails do not cause any damage to your nails. Unlike other fake nails such as acrylics that damages your nails.

How to Apply Press On Nails?

clean and buff the nails, push back the cuticles, and to put on the nails. Press down for a couple of seconds for each nail. Wait a couple of hours, if possible, before washing your hands.

 Also, buffing your actual nail will make the glue mend with the artificial nail SOO much better. 

The Best Press on Nails

Long Press On Nails

trendy Long press on nails
trendy jewelry Long press on nails
trendy french tip Long press on nails
coffin Long press on nails
glitter Long press on nails
brown Long press on nails
Long press on nails
designer channel Long press on nails
trendy Long press on nails line
Long press on nails

Short Press On Nails

short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails
short press on nails

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