Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Expire?

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We have all bought food that is on sale because it will expire soon. Many of us have probably had one or more of these foods in our lifetime.

Lemonade is refreshing and good for the summer months. But did you know it expires? I am sure many of you are asking yourselves this question.

Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Expire? No, it does not. You can still drink it after the expiration date as long as the product is unopened. Once you open it, however, you need to consume it right away. Keep in mind the quality of the drink will start to decline after that time.

After this time, the product’s quality begins to decline. Store your lemonade powder in a cool dry place with no direct exposure to sun light.

The ‘best by date’ batch code can be found on the neck of the bottle and bottom of cans.

Top view at an angle of a glass of Mike's hard lemonade on a blue white wooden table with a beach look. Does Mike's Hard Lemonade Expire?

Can Mike’s Hard Lemonade go bad?

Yes, if stored improperly or if it has been opened and not consumed right away, the quality of the drink will begin to decline. It is important to store drink in a cool dry place with no direct exposure to sun light. Once you open it, however, you need to consume it right away.

If it’s been stored in a hot or humid, it may spoil sooner.

How to tell Mike’s Hard Lemonade  has gone bad

If you are not sure if the Mike’s Hard Lemonade  has gone bad, there are a few ways to tell.

1. Smell the drink

If it has a foul smell or smells like something has “gone bad” it’s probably not safe to use anymore.

2. Taste a little bit of it.

Similar to smelling, if it tastes strange and not like lemons or sugar, it may not be safe to drink anymore.

3. Look at the color.

If it is no longer bright yellow, but is now more of a darker shade of yellow, brown or green, this means that there are some bacteria growing in it and most likely will not taste good.

If any of these signs occur after opening or showing signs of use, it’s best not to drink anymore and just throw it away.

Does Mike's hard lemonade expire? Side view of mike's hard lemonade drink on a wooden table.

Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Need To Be Refrigerated?

No, you don’t need to refrigerate Mike’s Hard Lemonade. You can store it in a cool, dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight. However, once you open the drink, you should consume it right away or store it in the fridge.

You can keep a few bottles or cans in the refrigerator ready to go for when you have a party or get together, but otherwise there is no need to store it in there.

Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Have Alcohol In It?

Yes, Mike’s Hard Lemonade contains alcohol. It is a malt beverage that is made with 5% alcohol by volume.

So drink responsibly and always have a designated driver when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Have Gluten?

Yes, even though Mike’s Hard Lemonade is crafted to removed gluten. According to their website they can not say the product is 100% gluten free.

So if you have a gluten intolerance, it may be best to avoid this product.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade does not have a set expiration date.

If kept in a cool dark place, it can last for years.

While Mike’s Hard Lemonade does not technically expire, it is still important to check the quality before consuming.

Keeping it refrigerated will help it to last longer and maintain its quality.

Hope you found the answer to your “Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Expire?” question useful, and it will motivate you to taste this drink if never done so before.

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